Renters Insurance for your kids

They can get up to $10,000 worth of contents cover for no more than $26 a month for the first year

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Are your kids renting?

If so, it's important that they have cover for their stuff. With AMI Renters Insurance, they can get up to $10,000 worth of cover and pay no more than $26 a month*. This means that they can cover the stuff you bought them - that precious new iPhone or the fancy camera. They’ll even be covered if they accidentally damage someone else’s property.

*For the first year.

How much stuff do they have?

The cost of stuff quickly adds up.
Use our calculator to get an idea of how much cover they might need.

Drag and drop objects into the room and select their approximate value.

To remove an object, click and drag it out of the room.

Total $0


      Your total contents value is more than $10,000

      It looks like you may have more than $10,000 worth of stuff.
      Don’t worry, you can still get Renters Insurance. Get a quote to find out much it would be per month.

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      All above items are covered for full repair or replacement value – i.e. up to the cost of buying a brand new replacement item. * Areas that you can have items listed as specified items. This calculator is to help you get an idea on the worth of your belongings. The values listed are indicative only, as at February 2013 and do not constitute a recommendation or financial advice. Make sure you assess your own situation when completing this contents checklist.

      What do they get?

      $26 icon

      $26 a month

      With AMI Renters Insurance, they can get up to $10,000 worth of cover for their stuff for no more than $26 a month for the first year.

      New icon

      Highest level of cover

      With Renters Insurance they'll get our highest level of cover. This means that most of the things they own will be repaired or replaced brand new, no matter how old they are. This is also known as ‘New for old’.

      Multi icon

      Student Multisaver discount

      Save even more if they take out Young Drivers Insurance with us too, and get a multi-policy discount.

      App icon

      AMI App

      • Great offers just for AMI customers
      • Login to your online account and view your policy documents
      • Make a claim
      More icon

      More than just their stuff

      As a renter, they're covered when accidents happen outside their home. If they accidently lose control of their supermarket trolley and it runs into somebody's car, we'll cover their legal liability.

      Cover icon

      Cover in and out of their home

      A renter with Renters Insurance will have their stuff covered at home or when they're out and about.

      How can they get Renters Insurance?

      You can get them a quote for Renters Insurance online now. You’ll need to answer some questions about the property, such as what year it was built and what it’s made of. If you get stuck, visit to find this information.

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      Or if you would rather speak to us about getting a quote, please try one of these options:

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      Call us on 0800 100 200
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      Or come and see us.
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      What do you need to know about Renters Insurance?

      • What is Renters Insurance?

        We understand that renters need their stuff covered too. AMI now offers Renters Insurance which allows you to cover the stuff that's most important to you.

      • How much does Renters Insurance cost?

        We know how expensive renting can be, so AMI Renters Insurance is designed to save you money. To get up to $10,000 worth of cover, we'll make sure that you won't pay more than $26 a month for the first 12 months.

        However, if you think $10,000 isn't enough for you, you can increase this amount to a cover that suits your needs. Your monthly premium may be more than $26 a month if you decide to get more cover.

      • I'm not a renter. Can I still get this cover?

        Of course you can. This is available to anyone who thinks the level of cover would be suitable for them.

      • What happens if I need to make a claim?

        As always, you'll need to pay an excess - it's a one-off amount you have to pay each time you make a claim, before your insurance looks after your claim. With AMI Renters Insurance, you'll need to pay a $500 excess for each claim you make. There may be some cases where you won't have to pay an excess. Give us a call or pop into an AMI store to learn more.

      • Where can I find the age of the house I rent?

        You can find this out by visiting

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