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  • Public Liability

    (Broadform Liability)

    Covers you for legal liability for accidental injury to a person and damage to someone else’s property while you’re doing business.

    Liability policy
  • Business Assets

    (Material Damage)

    Covers buildings that you own, contents, stock, and equipment at your premises against loss or damage that occurs at your premises.

    Material Damage policy
  • Public Liability icon

    Employer's Liability

    Covers your legal liability if your employees are injured and it's not covered by ACC.

    Employer's Liability policy
  • Public Liability icon

    Business Vehicle

    Covers loss or damage to your business vehicles, so you can keep moving.

    Business Vehicle policy

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Handy tips for your hospitality business

Intruder alarms

Alarms can protect your assets after hours and make things safer for your staff. They’re a great vandal-deterrant and also ensure a rapid response if triggered.

Secure your safe

If you store valuable items in a safe, choose a quality, leading-brand safe that meets CEN European standards and has UL Rated locks. Attach it with bolts to the building.

Deep fryer safety

If you’re in the hospitality business, be sure to skim all scraps from the deep fryer on a regular basis and keep them in a closed metal container as they can be prone to spontaneous combustion for several days.

Fire protection

Automatic fire sprinklers are the best protection against the risk of fire and will help you reduce damage to assets or stock.

Personal vehicles

If you’re using your personal vehicle to transport stock or food for business purposes, you’ll need to get Business Vehicle Insurance

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Frequently asked questions

  • The minimum indemnity period is 6 months and based on where your business is situated, it could go up to 24 months.
  • Yes, they're covered under liability and your Business Vehicle Insurance while they are performing an act as part of your business. Talk to us to ensure you have the right liability cover.

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