Contents Insurance Whether it's your table, tablet, or trampoline, we've got you covered.

AMI has been protecting Kiwis for over 90 years. We're one of New Zealand's most trusted insurers, receiving the Reader's Digest Highly Commended Trusted Brand award for eight years running.

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Advanced Contents


Have the certainty that most of your household items will be repaired or replaced no matter how old they are.
This is also known as 'new for old'.

  • Most items are insured for repair or replacement^**
  • Up to 10% discount if you live in an apartment

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Premier Contents


A cheaper plan with the flexibility of a lower level of cover. This policy will repair or replace most major household items under 10 years old and most furnishings under 5 years old.

  • Furniture and home appliances under 10 years old are insured for replacement value
  • Other items are insured for market value
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Renters Insurance

Up to $10,000 worth of cover

Ideal when you don’t have heaps of stuff, but still want our highest level of contents cover.

  • Get up to $10,000 worth of cover for no more than $32 a month for the first year*.
  • Repair or replacement for most things^**
  • Student Multisaver benefit if you take out Young Drivers insurance too
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*Price is based on AMI Advanced Contents cover with $10,000 sum insured and an excess level of $500. Changing your sum insured, excess, or adding optional extensions to cover , will alter the price.

^**Repair or replacement on most household items, including jewellery or watch (limited to $3000 per item if not specified) and market value cover for clothing and footwear, household linen, bikes, sports and camping equipment, carpets over 10 years old, computer software and related media, items that you choose not to have replaced and remotely piloted aircraft over 2 years old.

Get more benefits with AMI contents insurance

Compare contents insurance options

Cover for your household contents from theft, fire, storm or flood - both in your house or when temporarily removed within NZ
Household contents cover for items owned by you and your immediate family who reside with you, or your children at boarding school
Household contents cover for your immediate family while they are studying at a tertiary institution and living away from home. Limits and exclusions apply to situations other than accommodation provided for and by the school^
Temporary accommodation costs for up to 12 months, up to 25% of your sum insured
Natural disaster cover

Personal liability if you damage someone else's property

up to $1,000,000

Accidental damage

Cover for jewellery or watch

up to $3,000 per item, up to $15,000 in total

Cover for business equipment

up to $1,500

Cover for canoes and small watercraft

worth up to $500

Storage after loss

up to $2,000

Credit card, debit card illegal use cover

illegal use of credit card up to $1,000

Money and vouchers cover

up to $250 for cash

Key and lock cover

up to $500

Bike cover

Optional extra

Policy document
Exclusions and limitations apply. Talk to us about these or refer to the full policy document.
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*Repair or replacement on most household items and market value cover for clothing and footwear, household linen, bikes, sports and camping equipment, carpets over 10 years old, your jewellery or watch (limited to $3,000 per item if not specified) and computer software.

**Repair or replacement cover for many items under 10 years old including furniture, TV, video, DVD and stereo, electrical appliances, kitchenware, computer hardware, lawnmower and tools. Repair or replacement cover for items under 5 years old including carpets and curtains, spectacles, dentures and hearing aids. Market Value cover for major household items over 10 year old, carpets, blinds and curtains over 5 years old, clothing and footwear, bikes, jewellery and more.

***Market value for all household contents.

^You are not covered for loss or damage arising from the household contents being: a. stolen, unless the theft follows forceful and violent entry to any building, or b. lost or misplaced. The most we will pay for any event is: a. $1,000 for any one item of contents, and b. $5,000 in total. Find out more about cover for your child while they are living away from home.

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