What can I be covered for?

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Damage to your car

Our Comprehensive Car Insurance includes cover for accidents, theft, fire, vandalism and storm damage, plus Third Party cover in case you damage someone else’s vehicle or property.

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Fire and theft

If you choose our Third Party Fire and Theft policy, we’ll pay market value if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. Includes Third Party cover, in case you damage someone else’s vehicle or property.

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Damage to other cars

It takes two to tango so our Third Party Insurance kicks in if you happen to ding someone else’s vehicle or property.

Under 25?

We treat young drivers like good drivers, giving a 50% No Claims Bonus* to get started.
* Policy criteria applies

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What’s the cost?

Your premium is how much you pay for your cover. This is calculated based on things like age, gender, driving experience and the type of car you’re driving. Because of that, everyone’s premiums are a bit different.

Your excess is a one-off amount that you pay each time you make a claim. Let’s say your excess is $500 but a repair job for a dinged-door only costs $350 – that cost is up to you. Any repair work that will cost above $500 is covered by AMI.

Other great benefits

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Half price Breakdown Service

Our Standard Breakdown Service is now half price with Comprehensive Car Insurance. So you, or anyone else driving your car can get help for less.

Promotion ends 25 June 2019. Terms and conditions apply.
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Agreed value

When you take out a car policy, you and AMI agree the amount we’ll pay, minus any excess, if your car is uneconomical to repair.

Multi Policy discount

Save when you take out more than one type of insurance with us.

Why AMI?

  • We’ve been right here for New Zealanders for over 90 years.
  • We insure 500,000 Kiwis.
  • We’re a truly national company with over 60 stores nationwide.
  • We’ve been voted as a highly trusted general insurance provider for 5 years in a row.
  • Looking after our customers and making our communities safer is our top priority.

Frequently asked questions

  • If I have car insurance with AMI, am I covered for windscreen damage?

    Yes, if you have our Comprehensive policy you’re covered for damage to your windscreen. You can also purchase Glass excess buy-out which means you won’t have to pay an excess if you make a claim for accidental damage to your windscreen, windows or sun-roof.

    With our Third Party Fire & Theft insurance you also have the option of adding Glass breakage cover to your policy, which provides cover for accidental damage to your windscreen, windows and sun-roof and you won’t have to pay an excess.

    If you purchase Glass excess buy-out or Glass breakage cover you won’t lose your No Claims Bonus should you make a claim.

  • Do I have to list everyone who drives my vehicle on my insurance policy?

    No you don’t, but with our Comprehensive Car Insurance policy drivers under the age of 25 are not covered unless the optional Under 25 Driver cover is purchased and you’ll need to list them on your policy. If you have a Third Party Fire and Theft, or Third Party policy, you should also name any regular drivers who are under 25, as this will affect your excess.

    Otherwise, anyone is covered as long as they have your permission to drive your vehicle, their liability isn't covered by any other insurance policy and they meet the same terms and conditions of the policy that you do.

  • What policy optional extras are available with my motor vehicle cover?

    With an AMI Comprehensive car policy you can extend your cover with the following options:

    • Under 25 cover
    • Glass excess buy-out
    • Rental vehicle option
    • Substitute transport costs
    • Accidental death or disability compensation
    • Salvage operator’s liability
    • Breakdown service

    With our Third Party Fire and Theft cover, the following add-ons are available:

    • Glass breakage cover
    • Accidental death cover or permanent disability compensation
    • Medical expenses

    If you purchase car insurance online, only some of these options will be available, however if the option you would like is not available online, please give us a call and we’ll be happy to add the cover to your policy.

  • I have my vehicle insured for agreed value. Does the value remain the same year after year?

    No. The value reduces with every renewal and you must check your policy documents to review the new agreed value. If you’re not satisfied with the value listed on your policy schedule, you can contact us on 0800 100 200, or pop into your local store to discuss.

  • What is FreeBmax and how I can get it?

    FreeBmax is a free benefit that allows you up to two claims in an insurance year - where we've covered the cost of those claims - without your No Claims Bonus being affected.

    It's available to all customers with Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party cover, and costs nothing. All you have to do to earn it is stay claim-free (i.e. we are not required to cover the cost of a claim) for 12 months on our highest No Claims Bonus of 60%.

    FreeBmax stays active for the term of your policy, and is cancelled only if you make three NCB-reducing claims in a single insurance year. A NCB-reducing claim is a claim where we've covered the costs to your car and/or the third parties car if one was involved.

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  • I use my vehicle for business purposes. What insurance should I get?

    If you use your vehicle primarily for business purposes, you may need to consider business vehicle insurance. Find out more about our Business vehicle cover.

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