Multi Policy Discount

Save when you take out more than one type of insurance with us.*

We understand that everyone likes to save a bit of money now and then. AMI’s Multi Policy discount is designed to help you put a bit back in your pocket if you have more than one type of cover with us.

Multi Policy discount

Save when you take out more than one type of insurance with us with Multisaver 2 or Multisaver 3.

Make life easy

By having your car, house and contents insurance with us, you’ll not only get to enjoy great discounts, in the event you need to make a claim, it’s just one person you need to speak to.

One excess for one event

If an unfortunate event such as a fire, storm or flood causes damage to your house and contents, you’ll only need to pay one excess if all your insurance is with AMI.^

How it works

AMI’s Multi Policy Discount consists of Multisaver 2 & Multisaver 3, depending on how many different policies you take out with us.

AMI Multisaver 2

Simply take out more than one type of eligible policy with us and you could get our Multisaver 2® discount.

AMI Multisaver 3

Get an even bigger discount if you bring three eligible policies to AMI with our Multisaver 3® discount.

Policies that will count towards your Multisaver

AMI offers a full range of insurance options for all your valuable possessions.

*AMI underwriting criteria and policy terms and conditions apply. Please talk to our team to see how the Multi Policy discount can be applied in your circumstances.

^The amount will be the higher of the two excesses.