Tips to make your Aussie holiday more affordable

Heading across the ditch? While cheap flights from NZ are easy to find, domestic travel in Australia is often what causes the most damage to your wallet. Never fear – there are a number of ways you can you can cut costs while still having a great time on your Aussie adventure.

Planning your trip

Australia is approximately 29x larger than NZ… so there’s a lot more to see! Try and plan your trip with an objective in mind, or at least give yourself plenty of time to do that things you want to do, as well as relax and take it all in. With such cheap airfares, you could always come back another time!

Getting there

Thanks to sites like Grabaseat and Skyscanner, it’s pretty easy to pick up cheap flights to almost any destination in Aus – especially if you choose times in the low season. Or for a different experience, why not book a cruise? Steam from NZ to Australia and hop across a few different cities for a good price – considering it’s transport, accommodation, and even sometimes food all rolled into one!

Money matters

International exchange rates are constantly fluctuating. To avoid this, prepay for your airfare, hotels, and tour packages while the exchange rate is low and in your favour. This way, any sudden changes after won’t significantly your budget. Usually it’s cheaper to use your debit card to withdraw money straight from local ATMs, or make payments on a credit cards. Do be sure to check your bank’s fees for the use of your cards overseas.

If activities, theme parks and adventures are your thing, try an iVenture card – which gives you cheaper access to a great choice of top attractions, saving you money and time, and sometimes letting you skip the line.


Remember when we said Australia is big? Well, if you’re planning on hopping between destinations, be careful how you do it, as you could accidentally end up spending most of your holiday on the road. If you’re looking to save, you don’t have to pick between flying or hiring a car – a train or bus across the outback can make for an exciting (and cheaper) adventure. Check out Rail Australia for great trips that span much of the country, or Greyhound’s bus services where you can buy single or multi-day unlimited trip tickets.


While the luxury sky-high hotels of the main cities may be calling your name, don’t forget about other options available that are just as good and much easier on the wallet! As well as factoring in the options of AirBnB (and the likes), a home or farm-stay is a great way to truly experience life in Australia or in the outback. Or if you’re planning on travelling a lot, why not hire a campervan?


Even though it may not seem far to go, travel insurance is a must for any overseas excursions. As well as covering medical fees, you can also get coverage for lost baggage, cancelled flights, stolen items, and personal liability.