Drones and Insurance

As drones become increasingly popular, and no doubt top many Christmas lists, it’s important to not only cover them, but know exactly what is covered.

We’re diving into everything you need to know about covering your drone, as well as what to do to keep safe while piloting.

For the purposes of this article, when we refer to drones, we mean a remotely piloted aircraft like the type used to capture photos and videos (like the DJI Phantom) – not the larger ones that are used to deliver pizza or Amazing packages!

Why should I cover my drone?

Contents insurance is there if your drone is accidentally damaged, gets stolen or lost. They’re often quite an expensive piece of equipment – and certainly something worth protecting. Be aware of your liability too; if you accidentally fly your drone into someone’s window or cause damage to their property, you can be held legally liable for the cost to fix that damage.

As long as you’re flying within Civil Aviation Authority rules, your AMI Contents insurance will cover any legal liability that may result from use of your drone, as well as covering the drone itself.

How much am I covered for?

With AMI Advanced Contents insurance, drones are covered for up to $3,000, and for replacement value, which means it’ll be replaced by a new drone of the same model or equivalent, providing it is no more than two years old.

If the drone is over two years old, it will have market value cover, which means it’s repaired or replaced to the value of the drone immediately before the loss or damage occurred, taking into account wear and tear/depreciation as appropriate, or reasonable second hand value.

With Standard Contents cover, your drone is covered up to $2,000, and for market value.

If your drone is valued at more than the amount your policy automatically covers it for, make sure to get in touch with us and specify it, to ensure it’s in your contents policy for the correct value.

What am I not covered for?

If you’re not flying within Civil Aviation Authority rules, or not taking reasonable care of your drone or while flying it (see our blog about it here) any claim you submit may be declined.

What if I use my drone for business purposes?

If you use a drone for your business, you can cover this under Business Insurance. Please contact us on 0800 100 200 to find and choose the best cover for you.

How do I stay safe while flying my drone?

Especially if you’re a new flyer, or even if you’ve been flying for a while, there are a few things you must always do:

  • Check out the information and training guides on the Civil Aviation Authority website as well as Air Share – where you can also log flights and find information about local councils and more.
  • Before flying over people or private property, ensure you have express permission from those people and/or the owner of the property.
  • Check with the local council to see where you can fly and whether you need a permit.
  • Always stay at least 4km away from any aerodromes (airports, etc)
  • Always fly lower than 120 meters
  • Always fly during daylight and keep your drone in visual contact (with your own eyes, not binoculars or through other visual sources) at all times
  • If flying in a controlled airspace, obtain clearance from air traffic control and give way to all crewed aircraft

And most importantly – be safe, keep your drone in control, and have fun. To find out more about cover for your drone, see, call 0800 100 200, or chat to us on Facebook.