Work smart, not harder –tips and tricks to pool care during winter

Whether we like it or not it’s getting close to winter and once it gets to April the amount of time you’ll spend in your pool will be nil to zilch, unless your pool is heated. If you simply think putting the cover over it and turning a blind eye to your pool over the winter is a good option – think again. Doing this runs the risk of costly long-term damage to your pool.

The easiest and best option is to spend time each week cleaning and maintaining your pool and by doing the following easy steps will make diving head into crystal clear water a reality when the weather warms up again.

Keep your pool free of debris

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, especially when it comes to maintaining your pool over winter. If your pool is a bit of an “oasis”, where there is foliage decorating the outskirts of the pool, it is most likely leaves, insects and other debris that will be blown into the water. Sure a few leaves or bugs on the surface may not seem like a big deal but it soon will be once you’re forking out for costly repairs to fix your pool’s filtration system.

To avoid this and help keep your pool in pristine condition invest in the following three items: a leaf scoop, a vacuum hose and an algae brush. Additionally, regularly clean out your filtration system.

Protect the water

When it comes to keeping your pool healthy, it’s important to look after the inside as well as the outside. You’re going to need to invest in chemicals because simply scooping leaves and sucking up dirt using a vacuum isn’t enough. What you’ll need is an algaecide, a pool clarifier and chlorine.

It’s a wise idea to invest in algaecide as it will help to prevent growth of algae in your pool. The best thing about some algaecide is that you may only need to administer one dosage of it during the winter as some products can last up to 90 days. Additionally, it’s a good idea to pour it in two days before closing your pool as a way to quash any chances of algae growth. Adding a clarifier will help give your filter a helping hand in keeping your pool looking flawless, as it helps to get rid of the cloudy appearance in your water.

Last, but definitely not least - Chlorine. Chlorine is your pool’s best friend. It’s not only necessary for pool’s health, but your own, as its function is to kill any nasties that may make yourself or your loved ones sick. In summary, it’s best to talk to your local pool expert as well as read the labels on the back to make sure you’re using the correct product and administering the right dosage for your pool.

Keep the cover clean

This may seem rather obvious but clean your pool cover. By not cleaning your pool cover you ruins your pool’s chance in being able to live up to its full potential. Additionally, keeping your pool cover clean will also help it to last longer as well as reduce the chances of debris and creepy crawlies getting inside your pool.

Keep the filter running

You’re mistaken if you think you can simply turn off your filter and pool system whilst you are no longer having dips in the pool. This may seem a bit extra, but keeping your filter and pool system switched on for roughly 4 hours a day will save you time, money and reduce the amount of energy you’ll need to spend maintaining your pool during the cold months.

Write a weekly maintenance schedule

Big props to you for doing everything mentioned, now keep it going. The best way to keep on swimming with maintaining your pool is to develop a Weekly Maintenance Schedule. A weekly maintenance schedule should include everything from cleaning the interior and exterior of your pool to checking water PH levels. Remember when it comes down to it, doing a little bit of work once a week will save you a lot of hassle and will allow you to dive in head first when the days turn sweltering again.

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