Information about your Insurance Premium There’s a lot that goes into calculating an insurance premium, so we’ve put together some information to help you understand what’s considered.

What is risk-based pricing?

Our country’s gone through some tough times. We’ve had more than 180 natural disasters and major weather events in the past 50 years. So, it’s no surprise New Zealand’s now ranked the second riskiest country in the world for natural disasters.

But not all parts of the country carry the same risk. So, we’ve changed the way we calculate premiums. We call it 'Risk Based pricing’ and this short video explains how it works.

Risk-based pricing

Some parts of the country are riskier to live in and insure than others. So, we’ve changed the way we calculate our home and contents insurance premiums to reflect this.

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Premium make up

Everyone likes to know what they’re paying for. Here’s a simple breakdown of what your premium is made up of.

Premium breakdown

Car Insurance

We know understanding car insurance can be tricky. Let us break it down to keep you moving.

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Climate change

New Zealand's a risky place to live, and those risks will only increase as the climate continues to change.

What's happening?

House Sum Insured

Knowing the total cost to rebuild your home is important. It's easy to calculate the right home sum insured amount with our home calculator.

What's my Rebuild Value?

Contents Sum Insured

When you have contents insurance, choosing the right level of cover is really important, our easy calculator can help you.

How much should I insure
my contents for?