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In this series you’ll hear the wonderful, heart-warming stories of Kiwis who have found their sense of purpose by helping others. From caring for foster children, to a motorcycle accident that has turned hundreds of lives around, discover how their love and generosity make entire communities better. Be inspired, be astounded, and share the incredible journeys of the folk you’d love to have on your side.

Habitat for Humanity

Love, support and helping kids in need: Linda Roil

In the latest episode of AMI’s On Your Side podcast, host Sam Wallace speaks to Linda Roil the founder of Kids in Need.

After surviving an abusive relationship and facing life as a single mother with no financial support, Linda not only cared for her own four children, but also made time to foster and care for 23 children in need.

Inspired by these children Linda later founded Kids In Need – an organisation that strives to ensure that no child in the Waikato region goes into foster care without a bag to call their own.

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Trauma, courage and silver linings: Mark Bruce

In the latest episode of AMI’s On Your Side podcast, host Sam Wallace interviews Mark Bruce, executive chairman of the Amputees Federation of New Zealand.

At just 24 years old, Mark became an amputee after a catastrophic motorcycle accident and is now dedicated to helping other amputees understand that losing a limb doesn't mean living any less of a life.

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Rebellion, opportunity and purpose: Jessy Moffatt

In the latest episode of AMI’s On Your Side podcast host Sam Wallace meets Jessy Moffatt – founder of the Coast to Coast Rangers, an organisation that gives kids the tools to navigate life's challenges by competing in one of the toughest multi-sports events in the world. She talks about her rebellious teen years, the joys and challenges of working with underprivileged kids, and finding her higher purpose.

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Love, uncertainty and care: Lisa Paget

In this episode of AMI’s On Your Side podcast host Sam Wallace meets Lisa Paget who is the driving force behind Cuddle Hearts – an initiative to help premature babies and their parents in their time of need. She talks about motherhood, the tragedy of losing the love of her life, and finding meaning again by helping mothers and their new-born babies.

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Joy, kindness and caring: Sarah Page

In episode two of AMI’s On Your Side podcast host Sam Wallace interviews Sarah Page, founder of the Kindness Collective – a charity that connects children and families with everything from everyday essentials to moments of joy.

Sarah talks about her experience with post-natal depression, raising a son with autism, and starting a charity that has grown beyond her wildest imagination.

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Grief, change and resilience: Dr Maysoon Salama

In this first episode of AMI’s On Your Side Podcast, host Sam Wallace interviews Dr Maysoon Salama whose son Ata Mohammad Ata Elayyan, 33, was killed in the Christchurch terrorist attacks. Dr Salama has written a book Aya and the butterfly to help children – including her own granddaughter – come to terms with grief, cope with change and build resilience.

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