Premier contents insurance

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Our Premier contents cover provides you with repair or replacement cover for all your major household items under specified age limits. Other possessions are covered for market value.

Repair or Replacement*

for items under ten years old:

  • your furniture
  • your TV, stereo and video
  • your fridge and freezer
  • your microwave oven
  • your electrical appliances
  • your desktop computer hardware
  • your lawnmower and tools

for items under five years old:

  • your carpets
  • your curtains
  • your spectacles, dentures and hearing aids

*If any of the household items covered under Full Replacement or Replacement cover are damaged, we'll pay to repair them to an 'as new' condition. If they are stolen or damaged beyond repair you'll receive brand new replacement items or a cash settlement.

Market value cover for:

  • major household items over ten years
  • carpets and curtains over five years
  • your jewellery or watch (limited to $1,000 per item if not specified)
  • your works of art (limited to $2,000 per item if not specified)
  • your light fittings
  • your clothing and footwear
  • your household linen
  • your bicycles
  • your portable computers
  • your computer software
  • your crockery, cutlery and kitchen utensils
  • your canoes and small watercraft worth up to $500
  • all other household belongings

    (limits may apply)

Download the contents insurance checklist.

It will help make it easy for you to check your cover. Take a walk around your house and fill it in, then calculate what it could cost to replace your belongings.

Contents insurance checklist

Download the Premier contents policy document

This gives only a brief summary of the AMI Premier contents cover. Please refer to the policy wording for full details.

Premier contents policy document

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What is covered?

This information is intended as a guide only. Please Download the Premier contents policy document for more information and to see the policy wording.

Great Extras

Key and lock cover

Up to $250 worth of cover to replace lost keys and their locks if you don't have this cover under your house policy. No excess will apply.

Credit card, debit card and cash cover*

If your credit or debit card is lost or stolen, we will reimburse you for any illegal use, up to a maximum of $1,000.

Generous premium discounts

if you choose a higher excess. Just ask us and we'll show you how much you could save.

*As long as you cannot recover the loss from anyone else, e.g. your bank.