What is freeBmax?

freeBmax is AMI’s maximum No Claim Bonus protection. It helps you keep your maximum No Claim Bonus discount by allowing you to make up to two claims that would have normally reduced your No Claim Bonus discount (what we call a ‘Bonus Reducing Claim’) in any 12 month period.

Does freeBmax cost me any extra premium?

No, freeBmax is exactly that – FREE!

Can I get freeBmax if I have more than one vehicle?

The great thing about freeBmax is it applies to the policy, not the person. This means you can have maximum No Claim Bonus protection on more than one vehicle, as long as each policy qualifies for freeBmax.

How do I know if my policy qualifies for freeBmax?

To be eligible for freeBmax, a policy must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Be an AMI Private Vehicle policy, (Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft or Third Party only) or AMI Vintage & Classic Car policy.
  • Have received AMI’s maximum No Claim Bonus discount continuously for the last 12 months
  • Not had a Bonus Reducing Claim in those 12 months

Once your policy meets these conditions it will automatically qualify for freeBmax. There’s nothing you need to do.

I’m new to AMI – can I get freeBmax?

If you switch to AMI for Private Vehicle (Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party only) or Vintage & Classic Car insurance, your policy will be eligible for freeBmax once you have been with us for 12 months on our maximum No Claim Bonus discount without a Bonus Reducing Claim.

Is my No Claim Bonus protected every time I make a claim?

freeBmax protects your No Claim Bonus for up to two Bonus Reducing Claims within any 12 month period. In the event of a third Bonus Reducing Claim within that 12 months, you would lose freeBmax and your No Claim Bonus would be reduced at your next renewal.

Can I lose freeBmax?

We have designed freeBmax so that AMI customers who receive freeBmax should keep it forever. However, there are some circumstances in which you will lose freeBmax. These are:

  • You make a third Bonus Reducing Claim on the same policy within any 12-month period. Note that your No Claim Bonus will reduce because of the third claim and additional claims may reduce your No Claim Bonus further.
  • Your No Claim Bonus falls below the maximum as a result of a change in your policy cover. E.g. you add a new principal driver who does not qualify for maximum No Claim Bonus.
  • Your vehicle policy lapses because of non-payment of the premium, requiring a new policy to be written.

I have a policy that has earned freeBmax. If I take out another Private Vehicle or Vintage & Classic Car policy, will that policy have freeBmax as well?


If I lodge a third Bonus Reducing Claim, I will lose freeBmax. Is it worthwhile for me to make the third claim?

We can assist you by advising you on whether the claim is worthwhile, taking into account the No Claim Bonus loss and excess in relation to the costs of the claim. However, it is your decision to proceed with the claim or not.

If I lose freeBmax on one policy, will it also be removed from
my other freeBmax policies?

No, it will only be removed from that policy. Any of your other policies with freeBmax will not be affected.

What happens to freeBmax if I change my policy from AMI Private Vehicle Cover to AMI Third Party Cover?

If you change from AMI Private Vehicle Comprehensive Insurance to an AMI third party policy, your freeBmax will automatically apply to the new policy.

What should I do if I want to know more or to take out AMI Vehicle Cover?

Please come in to one of our stores or call us toll-free on 0800 100 200.