What do you get?

We understand that your bike is worth a lot to you. That’s why we now offer optional bike cover with our Advanced Contents Insurance. This means that you’ll get replacement value instead of market value for your bike if you crash whilst riding or racing^, or it’s stolen from a secure building or car. To add this cover to your policy, get in touch with us your way.

  • Cover for racing

    Cover for racing

    Some insurers won’t cover you when you ride your bike in a race. AMI Bike cover does, so if you accidentally crash, we’ll repair or replace your bike.^

  • Cover for theft

    Cover for theft

    If your bike is stolen from your locked car or secure building (house, garage or office), we’ll replace your bike instead of paying market value.

  • Cover for your stuff

    Replacement value

    We understand that your bike may be worth a lot. So instead of covering your bike for just it's market value, you'll get replacement cover when you opt in for bike cover.

  • More than just your bike

    More than just your bike

    If you accidentally lose control of your bike and it runs into somebody’s car or property, we’ll cover your legal liability.

  • More than just your bike

    eBikes & road bikes

    We cover both electic cycles and road bikes.

  • AMI Multisaver

    AMI Multisaver

    Save even more if you have another policy with us.

^Cover for racing only applies to recreational riders. AMI Bike cover does not extend to customers who are sponsored or receiving a financial benefit for participating.

What else do you need to know?

How much does it cost?

To get AMI Bike cover, you need to first have an AMI Advanced Contents policy with us.

AMI Bike cover then costs an additional 5% of your bike’s value each year. So if your bike costs $5,000, it’ll cost $250 a year to cover.

When would your bike not be replaced?

When you make reasonable efforts to lock and secure your bike, you’d be covered for replacement value. e.g. If your bike is stored in your locked car or a secure building, you’d receive replacement value. If your bike is locked outside in the open (i.e. a lamp pole) and is unattended, or is secured on your bike rack or left in an unsecure building, you would only receive market value.

How can you get AMI Bike cover?

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