Existing medical conditions and pregnancy

(Of you or your travelling companion)

This policy does not automatically cover claims arising from, or exacerbated by, some Existing Medical Conditions or pregnancy. Where Existing Medical Condition cover is separately applied for and accepted by the insurer, cover may be subject to special conditions, limitations, excesses and amounts payable depending on your age, duration and destination. This will be stated on your Certificate of Insurance.

An Existing Medical Condition is:

  1. Any physical defect, condition, illness, symptom or disease for which treatment, medication or advice (including investigation) has been received or prescribed by a medical or dental advisor in the 90 days prior to the Relevant Time; or
  2. Any chronic or ongoing (whether chronic or otherwise) medical or dental condition, illness or disease medically documented prior to the Relevant Time.

'Relevant Time' in respect of:

  1. Single Trip policies means the time of issue of the policy.
  2. Annual Multi-Trip policies means the first time at which any part of the relevant trip is paid for or the time at which the policy is issued, whichever occurs last.

If you are unsure whether you have an Existing Medical Condition, please call 0800 500 425 for assistance.

Getting cover for Existing Medical Conditions

There are three categories of medical conditions:

  • conditions automatically covered by this policy. (See page 11 of the Policy Wording)
  • conditions which cannot be covered. (See page 12 of the Policy Wording)
  • conditions the insurer needs to assess. (See page 12 of the Policy Wording)

Please review each of these categories to determine which category applies.

Please make sure you do not declare a condition that is listed in the automatically covered list contained in the Policy Wording . If you do this an additional premium not otherwise charged will be included. If you make a mistake you can contact us and ask for a refund of the relevant amount applied to that condition.

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