Enjoy a $50 Prezzy card with your insurance

Terms and Conditions

For every new house, contents, car, boat or lifestyle block policy you take out with us, we’ll gift you a $50 Prezzy card. The more policies you take out, the more Prezzy cards you receive, up to $150 worth.

  1. This promotion is conducted by AMI Insurance Limited (”AMI”), NZI Centre, 1 Fanshawe Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. By participating in this promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. Who qualifies for this promotion

  3. This promotion is offered only to selected existing AMI customers who receive a direct mail letter or email offering this promotion ("Customer Letter”).
  4. Employees of AMI and IAG New Zealand Limited and their immediate families are ineligible to participate.
  5. The promotion period begins on the date of the relevant Customer Letter and ends on the end date specified in the relevant Customer Letter (“Promotion Period”).
  6. To qualify for this promotion (a “Qualifying Person”):
    1. You must purchase a new Qualifying AMI Policy(ies) in your name in the Promotion Period. A “Qualifying AMI Policy” is a new house, car, contents, boat or lifestyle block policy. New travel, caravan, trailer, farm and life policies do not qualify;
    2. If you purchase in-store or on the telephone, you must mention the promotion and “Prezzy Card offer” to the AMI representative completing the purchase of the Qualifying AMI Policies. If you purchase Qualifying AMI Policies online, you do not need to meet this criteria 5(b);
    3. AMI must receive the first payment due on each new Qualifying AMI Policy; and
    4. Qualifying policies must be current at the time of $50 Prezzy Card (“Prezzy Card”) fulfilment. Policies will not be current where they (a) have been cancelled, (b) become void or (c) where AMI has received notice to cancel the relevant policy.
  7. Renewals, replacements, mid-term adjustments, re-keys, downgrades or reinstatements of existing AMI policies (as determined in AMI’s sole discretion) do not qualify for this promotion.
  8. Qualifying Persons will get a maximum of three $50 Prezzy Cards

  9. Subject to clause 11, AMI will send a maximum of 3 (three) Prezzy Cards to each Qualifying Person. Any Qualifying Person that purchases more than 3 (three) Qualifying AMI Policies shall not be eligible to receive more than 3 (three) Prezzy Cards with a combined total value of $150.
  10. How you get the Prezzy Card(s) if you qualify

  11. Subject to clause 11, AMI will use reasonable endeavours to send the Prezzy Card(s) within 10 (ten) weeks of the new Qualifying Policies being taken out to Qualifying Persons, however Prezzy Card(s) may be sent later than this date.
  12. AMI will not be required to send any Prezzy Card(s) before sixteen (16) days after the inception date of all relevant Qualifying Policies.
  13. The Prezzy Card(s) will be couriered to the customer’s postal address. AMI will not be liable to any person for any damage caused to the Prezzy Card(s), or if the Prezzy Card(s) are lost or go missing, after the Prezzy Card(s) is dispatched for delivery to the customer.
  14. Events affecting delivery of and entitlement to Prezzy Cards

  15. AMI will not be required to send any person a Prezzy Card where, in AMI’s sole discretion:
    1. That person is not or is no longer a Qualifying Person; or
    2. AMI is unable to contact a Qualifying Person to arrange delivery after using reasonable endeavours.
  16. Any delays in stock of Prezzy Cards are not the responsibility of AMI.
  17. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other AMI offer or promotion.
  18. General

  19. Prezzy Cards are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  20. AMI, at its sole discretion, may extend this promotion for a longer period than the Promotion Period. AMI also reserves the right to withdraw this promotion, at any time without notice to any person, for any reason.
  21. AMI’s decision on any matter regarding this promotion will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  22. Standard AMI policy criteria, terms and conditions apply.
  23. AMI may use and disclose your personal information to AMI’s agents or contractors for the purposes of conducting this promotion. You have the right to access and correct your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 by contacting AMI at 1 Fanshawe Street, Auckland.
  24. Standard terms and conditions apply (including expiry dates) to the use of the Visa Prezzy Card and must be complied with by recipients. See www.prezzycard.co.nz.