AMI and New Zealand Red Cross Winter Warmers 2019

AMI and New Zealand Red Cross Winter Warmers are back this winter! Now on its third year, New Plymouth Red Cross distributed winter warmers packs to 97 families across Taranaki last week. Each of the packs included essentials for the season like food, blankets, winter clothes, personal hygiene products, and sleeping bags.

The team have also been on the ground as volunteers for the past three years. Niki Smith, Cole Riddick, Toni Waru and Julie Willans from our New Plymouth store said that their experience in helping with the winter warmer packs has been eye opening.

“There was one in Bell Block that really got me,” according to Niki, “Dad was outside on a chair, the young baby was inside on a mattress and he didn’t know how to respond to getting the pack. That was a hard one.”

Julie spoke about an experience she had with distributing the packs to two little girls on Cook St that were so excited for new jammies that they were almost putting them on.

“Every product in this pack we take for granted,” concludes Niki, “I go home and my girls have no idea how lucky they are.”

The Winter Warmers initiative has also been implemented across the Wairarapa. 100 boxes filled with winter essentials will be making their way into Wairarapa homes this week, with 54 of the packs donated to Whaiora and the rest going to family violence services, IDEA Services, Age Concern, Safer Wairarapa, Te Awhina Cameron Community House, and Connecting Communities.

Check out this video from the previous years:

AMI is proud to be part of this initiative. Find out more here.