Contents Insurance - it has a nice "ring" to it

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re lucky to receive a priceless gift of jewels, art or antiques, or end the day newly engaged, chances are, the sentiment was an expensive investment. In order to keep admiring your art or showing off your ring, your insurance company needs to know about it.

Under many contents insurance policies, items are only covered up to a certain amount. So, if your engagement ring cost $5,000, as a standard item you may only receive $1,000 if it is lost or stolen.

How can I protect my valuable items?

AMI allows “special items” to be listed, with their full price to be included with the rest of your contents. The premium you pay or the excess may be changed, but this would be far less than coming up with an extra $4,000 to replace a diamond ring. To add a valuable item to your contents insurance, contact AMI today and list the item on your policy.

Other steps to take

After insuring your prized artefacts, there are a number of precautions you can take to ensure your pieces remain safe.

  • Invest in protective coverings for artwork and make sure they are well secured to the wall. This not only protects them from damage, but from prying hands as well
  • Lock antiques in cases and place slip-proof mats under them, for the same reason as above.
  • Small items or pieces of jewellery can be locked in a secure, fireproof safe. These are great places for your things to remain safe while you’re on holiday or not wearing or using them. Sure, your possessions are covered financially, but nothing can replace sentimentality