Profile | Karen House and Kitten Inn!

For a few hours every weekend, Karen, who is one of our Customer Services Officer, gets to hang out with these little cuties as a volunteer at the Kitten Inn.

Part of her volunteer duties include cleaning cages and dirt boxes, and Karen also ensures they have fresh food and water to fill their tiny bellies. Then she has to say good bye to them as her work is ultimately about assisting the kittens and cats into their new adoptive homes.

Kitten Inn works to promote the responsible de-sexing of cats, provide sanctuary and care for pregnant cats, and/or kittens, and find loving new homes for homeless kittens and cats when they are ready for adoption. They are there to take in abandoned cats, strays and feral cats from the streets and give them somewhere to go. The organisation aims to microchip, de-sex and vaccinate all the cats that come in and help homeless kittens, cats, and even pregnant mother cats to find their forever home.

Karen also sometimes sees AMI customers while out volunteering and enjoys catching up with them in the community. She also loves the friendships she has made with other volunteers who come from all over the Wellington area, as well as those volunteers that foster the kittens until they are ready to be de-sexed and adopted out.

“It’s heartwarming! Seeing the cats & kittens being adopted to go to their forever homes make my day. You can see there are a lot of caring people out there. It’s also nice to see the big smiles on kid’s faces when they adopt a kitten. They are so excited!”