Find the time to stay safe on a Lime

Summer’s finally here. People are hitting the beach, dining out in the beautiful sunny afternoon and maybe using a Lime e-scooter to get there if you live in Auckland, Christchurch and the soon-to-be-Lime-filled Hutt Valley.

E-scooters can make a trip into town a breeze and means you get to take in the sights on beautiful days such as the ones we’re having. But we know from the news and the stories our friends tell us that taking a tumble on an e-scooter is possible and can range from small bruising on your knees and arms, to grazes and deep cuts - or worse.

Take it from me, a daily e-scooter user: There are many things you should be on the lookout for when riding an e-scooter. We want to make sure you’re happy and well for the holidays, as well as the pedestrians around you, so here’s what we’ve learned on our journey:

  • Be aware: Just like driving a car, you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times. We recommend taking your headphones out while you ride your e-scooter and keeping your eyes on the pathway in front of you. Use your taringa (ears) to listen out for oncoming traffic, pedestrians or other obstacles such as other e-scooter users. Lime scooters come with bells on the handlebar you can ring to make others aware of your location in relation to them, so ring that bell with free abandon. Better safe than sorry.
  • Test the brakes before takeoff: If you’re a user of services like Lime, we strongly encourage you check the handle brake and tires before taking off. Due to the nature of ride-share services, e-scooters may degrade quickly and that’s okay. The important part is to be aware. And if your Lime e-scooter is needing a bit of TLC, make sure you send a report through to Lime via the app so they can fix it. We all need to take care of the scooters, it does take a village!
  • Watch for slippery or uneven surfaces: If you’ve been using an e-scooter, you’ve most likely taken a tumble. For me, I went way too fast along the Auckland Viaduct on a rainy day a few weeks ago. The rain meant the bricked surface was not gritty enough, so the e-scooter slipped out from underneath me. I’m grateful four people rushed to my aid and that I came away with only a cut, a couple of bruises on my left knee and a dented ego. But that day I made sure to pass on the message to other e-scooter users I saw along the way. As with driving, you must drive to the conditions. Take care as you scoot over tiles, pavements, grates, drains, kerbs and manholes and make a judgement call – if you’re unsure if the surface has enough grit, slow down or avoid the area.
  • Follow the rules: As more e-scooter services are set to launch in Aotearoa, it’s important you read and follow the rules each service has. If you use a Lime e-scooter, you must wear a helmet, not ride up or down hills and drive responsibly. These rules are there for a reason – to keep you safe – so best to follow them!
  • Show care for others: This is the most important bit. E-scooters have become popular so quickly that here in Auckland we’re still learning how to share the road with so many others, such as pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. As an e-scooter user, it’s important you show good manners when out and about. Make sure you especially take care of our pedestrians on the footpaths, as that is their space after all.

E-scooters are loads of fun and are revolutionising the way we get around town. They can turn a trip down the street into an awesome adventure, but keep an eye on the road, watch out for others and stay safe this summer.