Lightning Lock

The Lightning Lock started life as a bike lock. However, after seeing a gap in the market, Anna Van Den Hout (CEO and communications), Sarah Nieuwland (CFO) and William Clark (marketing & operations) decided trailers were much more in need of protection. And they’re right – according to – over 60 trailers have been stolen in the Hawke’s Bay area in the last six months (from Jan 1).

The locks are imported, where they’re quality tested and branded with the Lighting Lock’s signature yellow bolt, and magnets are added that ensure the lock sticks securely to the metal frame of the trailer. Operated via Bluetooth via a phone app, the lock can be opened and closed with ease, and without the hassle of keys. If the lock is tampered with, or the cable cut, a piercing alarm will sound, and if the phone is in range, a notification will appear to alert the owner.

The Hastings Christian School students have been supported through their ‘business ownership’ journey through the Young Enterprise scheme – a Lion Foundation programme where enterprising students are mentored by teachers and members of their community’s businesses.

As part of marketing the lock – they went out into the community, getting a story in the paper, and emailing local businesses. And when AMI Hastings Store Manager Darren Kendall received an email, he was more than happy to help.

“I saw this as a really good opportunity to support this activity in the community, with something that really aligns to making our world a safer place.”

Being year 12, the students have another year of school and are looking forward to further developing the Lightning Lock and expanding to include heavier trailers and other configurations.

Check out their video below – and find out more at