How to nail your first sale

No matter what kind of business yours is, the very first sale is always daunting. Everything you’ve organised and strived for as a new business owner leads up to it, but nailing sales from the get-go is a process all of its own.

Here are some steps to go through before your sale to help you ace it first time.

1) Make sure you’re well prepared

Making a successful first sale starts with good planning and great research. Spend some time working out what your target market is looking for and how you can provide it to them in a new or different way.

If you’re planning to make the first move and approach a potential client yourself, put in the extra effort to learn a little more about them and what they need. Rather than sending an email or making a phone call that sounds generic, explain why their specific situation makes your business a perfect solution.

2) Present like a professional

However you’re presenting your new business proposition, make sure you keep it polished and slick. Clients and customers need to trust your business before they’ll be happy parting with their hard earned cash, and professional sounding emails, phone calls, flyers or advertising are a great way to gain that trust. Talk about the benefits of your product or service for them personally and how it’ll help make their lives easier. Try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what would impress you the most if you were about to spend your own money.

3) Persist and prompt

No one likes to feel pushed into purchasing, but there’s nothing wrong with a tactful, gentle prompt from time to time.

Unless your first potential client or customer needs your services straight away, you might have to follow-up a little to get your first sale off the ground. Scheduled emails or even a brief phone call a week or so after your initial presentation can make a big difference.

Try to follow up with updates or new information related to your services, that way a potential customer can see that you care about keeping them in the loop even if they haven’t made a purchase yet.

4) Follow through thoroughly

Once you’ve finally made your first sale, make sure you and your business deliver just as effectively as you’ve been promising to. Everything from packaging, to your final email and back again should be done with precision and passion.

During the sales process, remember to check in with your client or customer whenever it’s appropriate to make sure they’re happy with the quality of service.

5) Share your success

One of the best ways to secure future sales is to share your business’ successes loudly and proudly wherever you can.

As your client base grows, so does your ability to promote your services through testimonials and word-of-mouth. Customers often decide whether or not to engage with a business based on what they’ve heard from other people, so try and make sure there’s lots of great stuff out there for them to hear.

You can promote your new sale and any future wins for your clients through press releases, website testimonials or even social media – every little bit helps.

Once business is booming, try collecting some reviews from your most loyal customers to circulate and bring the whole sales process full circle.