How AMI’s Home Contents Locker helps to keep your stuff safer

Have you ever had an important receipt vanish into thin air, or a special gadget cost more to replace than you planned for?

If that sounds familiar, it could be time to set up your own Home and Contents Locker. This handy online tool was created by AMI and the smart people at Neighbourly. It’s a clever way to log all your important items online, in case you ever have to put in a claim for them.

We spoke to Neighbourly’s Managing Director Casey Eden about why it’s so popular – and the top reasons to use an online tool for all your most important stuff.

1) It’s like a safety net for your precious stuff

The Home and Contents Locker is what Casey likes to call a “safety net” for your most important possessions.

“Over time we all acquire many things and it’s easy to lose touch with everything we own,” he says.

“In an emergency situation – a fire or burglary for example – it’s good to know you’ve got a record of the things you value stored so when you go to your insurer you can actually give them information about those items.”

2) It’s super simple to use

Available online and as an app, the Home and Contents Locker is incredibly easy to set up and use.

“You approach different rooms in your house and work through the major items in those rooms to take a record of each. Basically it’s a quick photo, a short description, details of how much it cost you, then a matter of clicking ‘save’,” says Casey.

The Home Contents Locker won’t break the bank either, it’s completely free to use as soon as you sign up to Neighbourly.

“On the Neighbourly homepage there’s a link, so you can jump right in and get started. Add one item or one hundred - however many you want to record ,” he says.

3) It helps you make smarter decisions about insurance

To Casey, a Home Contents Locker is the perfect way to help you work out how much insurance you might need.

“Ultimately, if you’ve got stuff you care for a Home Contents Locker is perfect for you,” he says.

“If everything you own is in one place, it helps you understand the value of those things and that could help you make decisions around insurance.”

To find out more about the AMI Home Contents Locker or to create your own, head on over to our friends at Neighbourly and get started now.