Happy to be here - Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand – home to the beehive, Te Papa, great burgers, and some of the most interesting characters we’ve ever met - like Sarah from AMI Wellington! When we found out Sarah’s passion was a bit on the eccentric side, we knew we had to find out more. So here it is, straight from the girl who vacs herself…

Hi Sarah! Tell us a little bit about yourself and your role in AMI Wellington?

I’m 23 and have lived in Wellington my whole life. I’m a coffee lover, cat adorer and most importantly a vacuum cleaner enthusiast. I’m a customer service officer at the AMI branch on Lambton Quay Wellington – here we deal with customers over the phone and face to face to help them with all their insurance needs. It’s such a great team and fun place to work!

How did ‘the girl who vacs’ start?

At work one day we were discussing what our passions outside work were. A few of my work friends mentioned fitness or going to the gym and my first thought was vacuuming! I then had a great idea to make my friends Instagram feeds more exciting and from there ‘the girl who vacs’ was born.

the girl who vacs

Why vacuuming? What about it do you find appealing?

It’s so satisfying! There’s nothing I love more than a freshly vacuumed floor!

Favourite area to vacuum? Or room? Or surface even?

It’s too hard to choose one specific area…. But if I had to, I do love vacuuming wooden/hard floors and staircases.

Dream home to vacuum?

Definitely Adele! She’s just so cool and I feel like she would enjoy and embrace my strange passion of vacuuming.

What do you like about living in Wellington?

The people, the food, the coffee. Also the fact that it’s surrounded by the Harbour. Everything is super central, you can nip out for a walk at lunch time and be at Oriental Parade within 10 minutes.

Favourite spots in Wellington?

Mt Victoria is pretty cool! You can see the whole city from up there. I also love Lyall Bay because they have some great cafes and you can even watch the planes while enjoying a coffee.

You recently celebrated your birthday and your team let you vacuum the staff room as a present. What’s the story behind that?

I shouted the team morning tea for my birthday and let’s just say half of it ended up on the floor. I then saw the commercial vacuum cleaner peeking out of the cupboard and thought this looks like a job for the girl who vacs. Much to my delight nobody else put their hand up, so my manager let me give the commercial cleaner a bit of a whirl!

What’s in store for ‘the girl who vacs’ future?

Obviously a lot more vacuuming and sharing my passion with the world of Instagram. One day soon I hope to add to my vacuum collection and get the ‘Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute + Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner’ but will need to stop doing jobs for free in order to save up for it.

Where can we follow ‘the girl who vacs’?

You can follow me on Instagram

Wellington, I am #HappyToBeHere!