Happy to be here - Upper Hutt

Our team at AMI Upper Hutt have been supporting children’s sweet dreams by collecting pyjamas to donate to Foster Hope. We are so overwhelmed by the support that the local community have shown us with items collected from staff, customers and non-customers alike.

There are over 6,000 children in New Zealand foster care and many of these children arrive at their new placement with nothing but clothes on their back. Foster Hope is a charity that brings hope to these children in care through a number of initiatives like the pyjama drive.

So in today’s edition of #HappyToBeHere we caught up with the Upper Hutt team to hear about their involvement with such an amazing organisation.

How did the team find out about the Foster Hope charity?

Tasha in our team first introduced Foster Hope to AMI Upper Hutt last year, she had heard about the charity on the radio and thought it was a cause we needed to get behind.

How did the team get involved?

We set up a cool little display out of a washing basket and clothes horse at the front of our store. We used the display as a drop off space for donations and we made sure everyone knew about it! It was an awesome conversation starter when customers popped in. We even had people coming in off the street asking if they could buy the items on display!

What difference has the team made?

We have raised awareness in our community and within the wider IAG team. We have received a huge amount of donations from our area and even had team members from other parts of the business send us pyjamas, blankets and other things the kids might need. It has been incredibly heartwarming.

How can others help out?

Check out their website here to make a donation or you could host your own pyjama drive at work or at school.

Thanks to the community

We would love to say a huge thank you to all those who took time to donate and to the team at Stuff who have got behind this great charity too.

Upper Hutt, we are Happy to Be Here!