#HappyToBeHere - Takapuna

In today’s edition of #HappyToBeHere, we’re shinning the spotlight on Takapuna! We head over to the shore and chat to Viktoria from AMI Takapuna about mornings spent at the beach, pets, and why they’re keen to support the SPCA’s annual cupcake fundraiser day.

Takapuna is iconic for its beach, its laidback lifestyle and fine array of restaurants, and behind the business hub is a deep-rooted community.

“I love going to the beach in the early morning to see the calm sea and the ships on the horizon, but a great part of these mornings is seeing the locals chat together with coffee in hand while their pooches also socialise on their morning walks.

AMI Takapuna Is filled with animal enthusiasts, so we wanted to introduce our fur-balls with our community."

Louis: Our manager’s blue-eyed heartbreaker, he is the fluffiest cat I have ever seen. With a hairdo like that, of course he’s so photogenic.

Ava: She is an absolute darling. Tiny as a puppy and ginormous as an adult she takes every photo opportunity her owner subjects her to in her stride.

Monty: A more unusual pet and one you are not likely to see walking down Takapuna beach, Monty’s been missing his owner while she has been working overseas, But she will be back soon, so cheer up handsome.

Little Fat Fish: the only scaly companion we have on this list, you do have the most interesting name, but your owner adores you.

Because here at AMI Takapuna we love animals so much, we want to share the love with all the other animals who may not be so fortunate.

On Monday 6th August 2018 we are participating in the annual SPCA Cupcake fundraiser day, so please come in and share your love of animals with us and purchase one of our animal themed cupcakes for this great cause!