#HappyToBeHere - Gore

There’s something about Gore. Say what you want about it, but there’s no denying how gorgeous it is down there. We’re calling it now – Gorgeous Gore should be a thing.

This charming small town may be known for its connection to Country and Western music, with the annual New Zealand country music awards calling Gore home for the last 36 years and counting, but we hear there’s a fantastic visual arts scene and galleries there too.

We discovered just how local our AMI Gore team really is, dispel some myths that Gorans (as they are called) want you to know, and learn the history behind those rolling Rs.

Complete this sentence: Gore is gorgeous because…

It is a funky small town with beautiful parks/gardens and a gateway to a lot of outdoor activities.

What’s the best thing about living in Gore?

The best thing about living in Gore would be the friendly people and how easy it is to get around – no traffic lights or traffic jams.

Are you Gore natives or was it a place you just relocated to?

Store manager Brett is a Goran through and through having been born and bred here. Sharon was born in Gore but grew up in the small rural town of Riversdale just 20 minutes outside Gore and has lived here for 27 years. Meanwhile Sue was born in Invercargill, grew up in Bluff, then transferred to AMI Gore from AMI Invercargill and lives in a small rural town between Invercargill and Gore.

If you could dispel any myths about Gore, what would it be?

We're not all country music fans!

What’s the deal with the rolling R’s that’s so iconic to how it’s pronounced there?

The rolling R’s comes from the Scottish ancestry and that is where the Hokonui Moonshine Whiskey came from too.

Gore, we are #HappyToBeHere!