Lodging your claim

What happens after I lodge my claim?

After you lodge a claim, it will be referred to a repairer who will contact you to schedule as assessment date.

Haven’t heard from anyone to book an assessment yet?

Our repairers will attempt to make contact with customers for all existing claims. If the repairer is been unable to get hold of you, or you still have not scheduled in an assessment, please contact the repairer to schedule an assessment. If you do not know who your repairer is, please call our claims team on 0800 HAILST.

What happens at assessment?

When you attend the assessment, the repairer will confirm whether the vehicle needs repair, and if required they will book your vehicle in for repair with you at this time. They will also discuss timeframes for your repair. If you have had your vehicle assessed but a repair time has not been booked, please contact your repairer to book your vehicle in. Your assessment will only take five to ten minutes.


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