Five ways to make your website more attractive

So, you want a website for your business. Or you already have one, and you want to make sure it’s attracting the right people. That’s great. Let’s take a closer look at five easy things you can do to ensure your website is a tool that actually helps to grow your business, rather than an expensive exercise that doesn’t pay its way.

1. Describe clearly who you are

New arrivals at your website shouldn't have to do investigative work to figure out what it is that you do. This means clearly stating your name and summing up your products or services right on the home page. A clear description should attract their attention within 2-3 seconds, and encourage them to stay on a bit longer.

2. Choose a simple web address

There are endless domain names out there, but try not to get overwhelmed by choice. Your domain name is like your brand. It should be easy for a user to type it into a web browser or an e-mail address. Avoid dashes (which can cause Search Engine Optimisation (‘SEO’) headaches) and numbers (which can cause confusion for customers). Your website won't do you much good if no one can find it.

3. Make the most of SEO

SEO basics can make it easier for people to find your website. And you don't need to employ mysterious, ninja, black hat SEO types to rank well on the search engines. Just make sure your website is coded correctly. That means using the right keywords throughout your text, putting in plenty of links, naming your page titles and URLs correctly, and using the magic of images and videos.

4. Easy to find contact information

You wouldn't want to lose a customer just because you made it difficult for them to get in touch with you. The best place for the contact information is the top left or top right corner of the home page. It’s also a good idea to include contact information on every page in the footer or side bar. Be sure to include several ways for them to contact you – phone, email, and a standard contact form are all good options.

5. Keep your content fresh

For many businesses, your website is your first impression. You want to give customers what they're looking for, and perhaps even give them a reason to keep coming back. Content that’s original, well-written and valuable – in other words, that provides helpful information or an opinion - can be a great way to do this. And it’s a goldmine for SEO too. Keep it from getting stale by including a regularly-updated blog or vlog (video blog), and connect in your social media feeds.