Make your festive food go the extra mile

Ah, December. That time of the year where days start blurring into one, there’s a million events happening all at the same time, and the holiday treats (Christmas ham, anyone?) start making an appearance at the dinner table again. The festive season is arguably synonymous to food, so here are our tips for making the most out of your holiday snacking and grazing aka how to eat for ‘free’ for a week.

  • Do a fridge/pantry audit – sorry to burst your bubble but our first step is to do a bit of tidying up and taking stock of what you currently have. After all, how can you make meals without knowing what you already have in your own fridge and pantry? Who knows, perhaps all the ingredients to your famous signature has been lying there all along, saving you some extra $$. Once you’ve got a list of all the potential ingredients then you can start planning your menu!
  • Bring a plate – make it a ‘bring a plate’ affair! Not only will it take the stress out of hosting by halving your cooking time for the party, but it makes for a more interesting spread too. You’ll get to try a variety of other dishes and give others a chance to bring their specialties to the literal table too. Nothing screams ‘holiday’ more than sharing a meal between your nearest and dearest so don’t be afraid to carry on the ‘bring a plate’ tradition.
  • Keep track of the numbers – while we’re on the subject of bringing a plate, make sure to tell your guests how many people you’re expecting so they have an idea of how much to cater for. Knowing how many to expect and allocating for extras really help give you that peace of mind that there will be enough food in case of last minute plus-ones.
  • Serve smaller quantities – serving small quantities at a time means that not only will the food always be fresh, but it lessens the chance of food spoilage too because it’s not just sitting out in the open for hours at a time. Besides, you can always top-up as you go!
  • The leftover challenge – have loads of leftover left? Why not apply that Kiwi ingenuity and hold your own leftover challenge? Using only leftovers (and the items left after your fridge/pantry audit), see who can come up with the most creative and delicious dish. This is sure to breathe new life into the food you’ve probably been eating for days and is a great bonding activity you can do as a group!

Live your best life, everyone!