Six steps to nailing your elevator pitch

Imagine if you had 30 seconds of air time with the CE of a company you love and would love to be a part of. Do you know what you’d say?

Life is full of surprises. For all you know, the opportunity to pitch for the job of your dreams could be right around the corner. Or it could at a dinner party or networking event sometime in the future. No matter when opportunity knocks for you, these six steps will increase your chances of wowing your audience and nailing a killer elevator pitch.

  1. Always be ready

    An elevator pitch is all about making a big impression in a small amount of time. A face to face meeting like a networking event will afford you between 30 – 60 seconds to impress. A colleague introduction or voicemail offers even less time – usually about 15-20 seconds.

    So it pays to be prepared. Start with figuring out exactly what you want to accomplish from your pitch? Then gather as much information as possible about your audience. Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter will be packed with useful information. Getting to know your audience will help you to engage with them on a personal level. Be observant and look for opportunities to break the ice. Look for common ground such as shared experiences, interests or mutual contacts. People want to enjoy business connections, so make the most of a personal connection whenever you can.
  2. Curb your enthusiasm

    Showing passion and energy when you introduce yourself to someone is important but take care to still appear polished and professional in your appearance and your body language. Enthusiasm is great but gesticulating frantically while explaining how stoked you are to meet someone will not endear them to you. Resist the temptation to flatter their ego. Instead, recognise this golden opportunity to demonstrate why you’re a qualified individual who is worth investing in.
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