The eyes and ears of New Zealand communities

Community Patrols are groups of extraordinary people who work together with the NZ Police to keep us all a little safer in our neighbourhoods. These good citizens act as the eyes and ears of the police, gathering intel and reporting incidents. They often get called out to be present in sticky situations to stop things from escalating and to provide visibility in more dangerous areas.

There are over 200 Community Patrols doing their part throughout the country to prevent, detect and deter crime. They take on the responsibility of providing communities with a bit of extra security, and their work is entirely voluntary. It means that the police can handle more urgent problems when they’re pressed for resources. You might not see them, but last year Community Patrols countrywide worked a total of more than 140 thousand hours!

The amazing volunteers even take the initiative to keep their neighbours’ precious things safe. Last year, along with the Gisborne Police and AMI helpers, the Three Rivers Community Patrol attached tamper-proof screws to local number plates to help keep their cars safe from theft.

At AMI we’re especially proud of these teams because their dedication is making our communities safer for everyone. That’s why we help out by providing discounted insurance for Community Patrol cars across the country.

If you’d like to make a difference and get involved with your local Community Patrol, you can get in touch or find out more on the Community Patrol NZ Facebook page.