Protecting what gets you from A to B

For many of us, getting from A to B would be near impossible without a vehicle. But driving can be a risky business, which is why it’s important to have some protection in place.

Car insurance protects your pride and joy and is designed to get you back on the road again as quickly as possible, without the worry of a big bill to pay. It’s more than a comfort factor, it really is there to protect you, your property and the property of people you might accidentally run into.

So, what’s driving up your premiums?

If your premium has risen, we understand you’ll be wanting to know why.

Modern cars are jam packed with safety features – and that’s a great thing. Car manufacturers are always working to make cars smarter and less prone to accidents – and that means fewer injuries and deaths on our roads.

But all this lifesaving technology comes at a price. A few years back a small ding in your bumper might have been an easy fix but today, with all the sensors and electronics, the cost could be in the thousands!

Smart technology means smarter mechanics

It’s not just the technology that’s become pricier. Car mechanics are having to upskill too, so they’re able to properly repair and maintain all these new components. The cost of training these experts and keeping them up to date with the latest technology is also adding to the rise in insurance premiums.

Tip: Before buying that super-smart car, check out the insurance premiums.

What else goes into the cost of your insurance?

Your car insurance is calculated using a number of factors – some within your control and some out of it. Your driving history, your past claims and driving infringements can impact your premiums, as can your choice of car and where you live. Factors beyond your control include how many vehicles are on the road and your age.

What kind of car insurance should I have?

There are three main ways of insuring your car. Car Comprehensive; Car Third Party, Fire and Theft and Car Third Party only.

  • Car Comprehensive. Car Comprehensive. Most people choose this policy as it provides the broadest protection and therefore the most peace-of-mind.
  • Car Third Party, Fire and Theft. This is often taken out to protect a lower value car while still including the benefit of protection from fire, theft or attempted theft. Plus, if you accidentally hit your neighbour’s BMW and it’s your fault, we'll pay for your neighbour’s repairs.
  • Third Party. This is the economy option covering you for damage you cause to someone else’s car or property, but not your own.

Ways to save on your premiums

There are a few different ways you can save on your premiums while ensuring you stay protected. Consider some of these options.

  • Remove under 25-year-old drivers from your policy – you can check the age of any named drivers on your most recent policy schedule.
  • Review your eligibility for discounts.
  • Reduce the type of cover.
  • Review your vehicle value as shown on your policy schedule – your car may be worth less than it’s currently insured for.

You can read more about ways to save here.

If you need advice or want to discuss how to reduce your premiums, just call us on 0800 100 200. We’re here to help.