Brave Move Competition Winner - Kaysi from Five NZ

“What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

We recently asked what your next business brave move was and we were blown away by the answers! Thank you to everyone who shared their stories with us and congratulations to Kaysi Fredericks from Five NZ for winning. Here’s the winning entry:

“We have a home family business but it’s growing too big and overtaking our kids’ bedrooms and lounge so would like to move into a shop but just the start up for the set up is what is holding us back from that move. But we want to do it before the Christmas season hits again."

We caught up with Kaysi about her business, the interesting story behind the name ‘Five,' and what inspires her!

Tell us more about your business and how it started?

The business started as I was a stay at home mum while my husband worked. I’ve been working since I was young and so I’m used to it. We started the business to have affordable products for people on a budget and this way I could also fit work around the needs of my kids.

What’s the story behind the name ‘Five’?

HAHA - we have 5 children and they are all involved :) No handouts with us as parents – even the children have meetings with us and they choose a product line to work on. From the sales of their product line, they have to learn to invest it to grow it, save some, and have some to spend on themselves. That’s their pocket money. We do the overall running of the store, though. Especially because we now have 2500 products. We also have our awesome 16-year-old nephew helping too!

Your next business brave move was to find a store before the Christmas season hits again. What does winning the $2K prize mean to you and for this brave move?

It has been absolutely brilliant! To move from a home-based business to a shop, there are many things to sort out such as shop fittings, the lease payments and everything else. The $2K we won from AMI’s #BraveMoveNZ competition means we have been able to take out a massive chunk of what’s needed to open a shop. We now have all the shop fittings for the size of the shop we want to start with and enough for the lease to begin… we just need to find the right shop now!

What inspires you?

Working as a family inspires me as everyone gets involved and has a say. No voice is too small. I love it when customers love the extra personal touch we give - for example jewellery comes in organza bags not just a plastic bag and the comments we have of awesome customer service and the children aspiring to want to work and not have handouts is a huge motivation. We are really family focused!

Any advice for fellow small businesses out there who are just starting out or about to embark on their next brave move?

Plan, dream, achieve! Be brave.

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