Brave Move - Katamama

We recently had a chance to talk with over 300 small business owners and one of the most interesting things that came out of that was that 80% of them felt like the bravest move they’ve ever made was starting their own business. We feel the same, and we feel so privileged to witness the bravery of our small business customers at various stages of their journey. So we thought it was time these stories are told. Stories of bravery, of humble beginnings and growth, and the reality of starting a small business. We salute your brave move!

For our first story, we chat to the ladies from Katamama – an emporium of cool, stylish and unique art and homewares sourced from around the world.

When Teresa Lawry and Penny Hoogerwerf from Christchurch returned home from holiday with their families, they both had the idea that they could create something quite different and unique to what is available in New Zealand.

“The idea of Katamama started over a kitchen table whilst our kids were on a play date. After endless hours of research, we decided to go for it and Katamama was born,” says Teresa.

The creative forces behind the brand met in the playground as their 8-year-old sons are best friends. The business-minded ladies both have similar tastes and really trust each other’s opinions and views. They hope to be world famous in New Zealand for having unique and stylish statement pieces. Penny has the law background and Teresa had the finance and sales knowledge, so together they create a solid foundation for Katamama.

Katamama’s vision is to continually evolve and grow the brand as well as being the destination of choice for people looking for pieces with real personality - beautiful but reachable!

“The most important thing is we 100% trust each other and we are great friends.” says Teresea.

Find out more about Katamama and their story here:

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