Bike Safety Tips

For many of us, riding a bike is a favourite childhood memory. Learning to ride one, the first time the training wheels come off and it’s just you and the road and that sweet, sweet feeling of freedom – those things are priceless.

There are so many benefits to riding a bike. From health reasons to sustainability and cost-effectiveness, it’s clear that biking isn’t just for kids. Here are some handy ways you can protect your prized possession:

Take the two-lock approach

You probably already have a lock for your bike, but consider adding a second one for more security. Having more locks mean more work for thieves to do so and might put them off from stealing in the first place.

Keep photos handy

Like a proud parent taking lots of photos of their babies, make sure you’ve got recent photos of your bike! This is also important if your bike does get stolen and you see something similar being sold on buy and sell pages online.

Mark it as yours

You can put a unique, permanent mark on your bike that you can easily identify as yours. That way if something ever happens to your bike, it can easily be identified and returned to you by the police.

Keep it bare

This one's easy - just keep the bare necessities and take out all your bike accessories that can easily be removed like lights and baskets.

Switch up your parking location

if you take your bike to work or school everyday, chances are you also park in the same location daily. Doing this may be convenient, but also makes it easier for someone to observe your schedule and know when your bike is left unattended during the day. Switch up your parking location to minimise this risk.

For extra peace of mind, you can also get insurance for your bike. This just adds another layer of protection in case something unexpected happens. Check out our bike cover here.