Babyproof your home for under $50

If you’ve been lucky enough to welcome a new baby into your family recently, you’ll know there’s no end to the gadgets and gizmos available to baby-proof your house.

Just wandering down the aisles at your local baby shop can leave you overwhelmed with choice, wondering if all this is really necessary – while still wanting to do the right thing for your precious new arrival.

The good news is, you don’t have to shell out a significant sum to put your mind at rest and help make sure your little one is safe and sound. All it takes is a bit of common sense and some simple safety bits and bobs which are available at most major retailers.

1. Smooth out sharp corners

You may not be aware of it, but your home is actually filled with sneaky sharp corners. That designer coffee table that you chose with such care pre-kids? It’s a hazard now. The stylish fireplace that you put in to stay toasty in winter? Yup, another hazard. Grab some corner guards or cushions in multi-packs for under $10 and soften up those edges.

2. Protect electrical outlets

Electrical outlets are very tempting for curious little fingers. But it doesn’t cost much to pick up some childproof covers that fit snugly into each outlet, protecting them from being poked and prodded. For example, for just $4.60 you can get 24 outlet plugs from the Warehouse

3. Beware the bathrooms

Bathrooms are another area that can be full of potential hazards for little ones. Keep bath-time fun-time by putting non-slip mats in the bath and on the floor next to it. Mitre 10 has anti-slip bath mats for a mere $15. You can also pick up a toilet-seat lock for just $6 from the Warehouse while you’re at it. These make the toilet accessible for adults but stop little hands from opening the seat and accidentally falling in.

4. Lock it up

Storing cleaning supplies, medications, detergents and other dangerous household products under the kitchen or the bathroom sink seems like an obvious place before you have children, but once they arrive all toxic substances need to be shifted out of reach. Relocate them to a higher cabinet or lock the door with a safety latch so your child can’t access them. You’ll find safety latches at The Warehouse for $14 for a pack of 12 from Dreambaby.

5. Look out for the little things

This one won’t cost you a cent. Leave your dignity at the door for a minute and get down onto the floor so you can see what the world looks like from your baby’s viewpoint, and pick up any small objects like coins, marbles, game pieces and other little trinkets. The most dangerous are small disc-type batteries, which if swallowed can be potentially fatal.

6. Wind up wires and cords

You’d be amazed how quickly a crawling child can grab hold of a stray wire and pull down the DVD or TV player that’s attached to it. So make sure you don’t have any electrical cords or wires on the ground, or tape them down securely if there’s no way of removing them. Also, if you have window blinds or shades with long strings, try and keep them off the ground to minimize the risk of strangulation.

Prices are current as at July 2019. This article is a general guide only of some steps you can take to help make your home safer for little ones.