NESA - Community Grants 2018

We recently partnered with Neigbourly to give communities a chance to win a grant and the stories we’ve heard since has been inspiring. Today we get to know No One Ever Stands Alone - NESA for short.

No One Ever Stands Alone’s story dates back to October 2015 when CEO and founder Leah Abrams found herself involved in an accident that would change her life. A drunk driver drove straight to her driver’s side door and if she hadn’t lay down across the seats of her car, she would have been another tragic drink driving statistic in New Zealand.

Her recovery was a journey she was never alone in. She had the support of her family, friends, church network, who all rallied to support her as she pieced her life back together and recovered from the accident.

She started NESA to end drink and drugged driving in New Zealand because no one should ever have to stand alone after being affected by this preventable act. NESA stands for:

  • N - No victim should go through the recovery process alone
  • E - Every opportunity is made to support smarter drinking at sporting events
  • S - Strategic alliance with the police and the court system
  • A - Advocate for stronger drink and drug driving laws in New Zealand

They support not only the victims but their families as well and they currently have volunteers at various anti-drink driving police check points.

Here’s what winning the Neighbourly Community Grant means to them in their own words:

“We were incredibly grateful for being the winners of the AMI Community grant in April. This year has been an incredible year for us as we have seen our participation at the anti-drunk driving checkpoints with the NZ Police grow and develop. To date, we have already participated in 7 checkpoints around the city and because of the grant, we have been able to commit to being at the Police checkpoint operations a few times every month right up until the end of the year. The grant of $3000 has meant we have been able to grow our volunteer teams and regularly purchase orange lollies and cards to generously hand them out to every sober driver at every checkpoint. Also, it has given us the opportunity for our volunteers to wear some NESA branded caps at the checkpoints so people know who we are. To have this money available, has allowed us to both promote sober driving but build our partnership with the NZ police and our Auckland community and this has been amazing! Knowing that there is money available has also meant we can begin to explore the opportunity to look at growing more volunteer teams to help out at checkpoints in other locations outside of Auckland.

On behalf of all of at No One Ever Stands Alone or NESA, a huge thank you to AMI and Neighbourly! And if you or your work or community team are keen to volunteer at the checkpoints with us, please feel free to contact me on”

Follow NESA on Facebook or find out more on their website here