#HappyToBeHere : Masterton

It’s not often you hear of a whole team being able to go home for lunch daily. Such is the reality for our team at AMI Masterton – so local that they have the luxury to take their individual lunch breaks home. Today we hear from Dave Dale, our store manager for AMI Masterton about what this means for him and his team.

“I came to AMI Masterton from Auckland in May 2003. I was told it was a promotion. I often use this as a joke, but since I came here, I haven’t looked back.

What does working in Masterton mean to me? It means I have the priceless gift of time. It takes me 5 minutes to drive to work, the same time to drive home. I really should walk, but I’ll always find an excuse not to.

The gift of time means that where I was spending an hour 10 minutes driving to and from work in Auckland (I am certain this would be much more 15 years later). I am now able to get home and cook tea for my family and watch the 6pm news.

I go home for lunch every day. As my wife works mornings and late afternoons, this means that we get quality time together every day for lunch. Plus I don’t spend money on food for lunch, I can make something healthy at home, this doesn’t always translate to something healthy, but I am not spending money on food I don’t need.

I have three kids. I have barely missed a school performance, be it sport, stage, cultural or speech. Being so local, means that their schools are local. This gift is immeasurable. Seeing my kids faces when they see that their mum and I are in the audience completely changes my day, I know they wouldn’t get this if we were still living in Auckland.

Both of my current team members go home for lunch each day as well.

In the winter Sarah has the opportunity to let her dog out of the house for a daily toilet break. She also takes the opportunity to prepare the fire to be lit as soon as she walks in the door at the end of the day. Her benefit from this is that she is not grabbing firewood in the dark while her mind is convincing her that there are any number of creepy crawlies ready to walk across her hands. I have seen Sarah when there was a dead cockroach on her desk, so I truly understand how important being local is to her.

Viv also goes home each day to let her dogs out of the house. It is not unusual for Viv to come back to work during the summer having just mowed half of her lawn as well as completed a full load of washing. Viv is raising her twin grand daughters, having the benefit of getting some of her weekend jobs done in her lunch breaks means that she also has that gift if time to attend her grand-daughters sports games as well as get to their beloved Hurricanes games whenever possible.

Masterton, we are #happytobehere