Earning our ethical and sustainability stripes with CoGo

CoGo, short for Connecting Good, is an app that aims to make ethical choices and sustainable living easier for consumers.

CoGo looks at the impact your purchasing has on people and the planet by analysing who and what you are spending money on. Then, the app calculates your carbon footprint in real-time and provides opportunities to offset. Each month you can take easy actions that make a big difference and see how as a community we're collectively reducing our emissions by doing things like buying second-hand clothing, composting food waste or biking to work.

CoGo also acts as an independent tool to help consumers find businesses that share their values. Companies can create profiles on the app and earn CoGo badges by providing evidence to achieve accreditation. There are a range of badges designed to capture good practice for a range of industries.

CoGo app badges

CoGo is a secure app that uses Open Banking, an approach developed by banks for sharing data with approved organisations. The data shared with CoGo is read-only and they can’t make any changes to accounts. You can also withdraw your consent and stop sharing data with them at any time. If you’re with any of the five main banks in New Zealand then you’re able to track your spending through the app.

Check out CoGo to see how it can help you live more ethically or simply download the free app and get started. Join the CoGo community today to start making a collective impact for good!


As an insurer, we're already seeing first-hand the impacts of climate change – to people's property, livelihoods and finances. We're passionate about not only helping people adapt to a changing climate but also reducing those impacts by cutting our emissions and offsetting those we can't avoid through our parent company, IAG. IAG is a founding member of the Climate Leaders Coalition and is working with other Kiwi businesses to lead positive change.

Partnering with CoGo has allowed us to showcase our ethical and sustainable practices and gives customers the opportunity to make easy everyday changes to their spending habits. AMI has been accredited with three badges recognising our sustainability efforts; Supports Charities, Carbon Neutral and Carbon Conscious.

CoGo app screen shots

Earning our Carbon Neutral and Carbon Conscious badges

To earn our Carbon Neutral and Carbon Conscious badges, we provided evidence to show that we've been carbon neutral since 2012 through IAG, our parent company. We've established science-based targets to reduce our emissions from company vehicles and electricity by 40% in 2025, 70% in 2030 and 95% in 2050. We've already significantly cut our electricity use through an extensive energy efficiency and refit programme, along with reducing the number of office spaces we use. Now, our focus is on improving the efficiency of our vehicle fleet and using EVs where possible. We're also measuring and working to reduce our indirect emissions from air travel, paper and waste.

We're continuing the work we've started on educating Kiwis about the impacts of climate change and how their lives might need to change. Through IAG, we've carried out annual climate change research since 2018, tracking how well New Zealanders understand the challenges of climate change. We're using these findings to educate Kiwis more broadly.

Our Supports Charities accreditation

To receive the Supports Charities accreditation, we shared with CoGo evidence of our long-standing support of New Zealand Red Cross. Over the past five years, our parent company, IAG, has invested $6.5M into the community through donations, community sponsorships, risk reduction initiatives and volunteering.