Agreed value with AMI

Agreed Value is an insurance cover offered by AMI for your motor vehicle policy where the amount paid out in the event of a total loss claim is based on the value agreed between you and AMI at the time the policy is written. The Agreed Value is adjusted at the policy’s annual revision date and is the figure stated in your current policy schedule.

Agreed Value gives you certainty

Additional Details

It is available for the following product classes:

  • Private Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Restricted Cover if the asset was previously insured under Private or Commercial Vehicle

Each year at annual revision time the vehicle value is updated from AMI car valuation records and, unless changed at the customer’s request and subsequently agreed by AMI, becomes the agreed figure paid out in the event of a total loss claim.

Alternatively, you can select Sum Insured cover, which insures you for the market value up to the sum insured.

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