The management of your earthquake claim

April 5 2012

If you have a claim under your AMI policy for earthquake damage, (which is not being managed by EQC), it is now the responsibility of Southern Response Earthquake Services.


The ongoing series of earthquakes since September 2010 had a profound impact on AMI and its Canterbury customers.

As a result of the unprecedented cost of earthquake claims, in April 2011 AMI received capital support from the New Zealand Government to ensure the interests of all AMI policyholders were protected and all claims would continue to be met under the terms of their policies

On 5 April 2012 AMI separated into two companies

  • Southern Response – the new company name for the team which has been managing earthquake claims for AMI policyholders since the September 2010 earthquake. Southern Response is a Government-owned company.

Southern Response is now responsible for settling claims by AMI policyholders for Canterbury earthquake damage which occurred before 5 April 2012 (the date AMI was sold to IAG).

  • AMI Insurance - this ‘new’ AMI company is now owned by IAG as of separation on 5 April 2012. It kept the AMI name and logo and continues to provide day to day insurance.
AMI is responsible for all claims for any damage (including earthquakes) which occur after 5 April. AMI policyholders with earthquake-related claims continue to be customers of both the ’new AMI’ and Southern Response until their earthquake claim is settled.

For further information

If you require information or assistance with your claim for earthquake damage, please contact Southern Response:

Phone: 0800 501 525


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